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  • In patients with a high likelihood of moderate to severe sleep apnea, home sleep testing is comparable to tests performed in the sleep lab.
  • HSTs tend to underestimate the severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) compared to an in-laboratory sleep test, but it does detect the presence of OSA.
  • For some sleep problems the in lab study is preferred or is essential​
  • Your at home test may need to be followed by an in lab study

Is an HST better than a sleep test performed at the sleep lab?

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What happens after the at Home Test?

Home Sleep Testing

  • A large amount of information is collected during your sleep study. A sleep specialist will analyze this information and a formal report with recommendations will be created.

In order to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, a patient must undergo a polysomnography (sleep study). This is typically done in a sleep lab, requiring the patient to spend the night in a sleep clinic, However, today this test can be performed at home and is called a home sleep study or a home sleep test.

What is a Home Sleep Study?

A home sleep study is designed to be convenient for the patient. It is a self-administered test that allows the patient to have a diagnostic study for sleep apnea in the comfort of his or her own home. It is especially advantageous to the home-bound, elderly, or those with chronic illness, who require specialized care, expensive transportation costs, etc. It is also beneficial for those with trouble arranging time out of their schedules to spend the night for an in-lab study.

  • Some insurance companies require that, if possible, any sleep testing is to be done with a home sleep test rather than in lab.

  • A home sleep study is a modified sleep study that is performed in your home with a portable monitor.

  • An HST is used only to look for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

What is the difference between a Home Sleep Test and an in lab sleep test (PSG)?

  • A home sleep test is performed in your home versus at a sleep lab. Our portable monitoring devices measure oxygen level, heart rate, air flow, and breathing effort.

  • A sleep test that is performed in a sleep lab (a polysomnogram or PSG) will measure the above, but will additionally measure brain waves, sleep time, EKG and leg movements. In addition, there will be a licensed sleep technologist who will observe your sleep and make necessary adjustments in the monitoring set-up.